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Our unique, personalised HiFi systems deliver the Live Music Experience you have been searching for. Backed by over 35 years of dedicated experience, our carefully selected range harmonises style and substance delivering to you knowledge, a superior buying experience and Pure Music which must be heard to be believed. We are a group of like-minded individuals continuing our Pure Music journey and we invite you to join us. Our philosophy is remarkably different from our competitors, view our About Us page to find out how and why.
Latest News
T+A elektroakustik Products: These superbly built German Made products are now available from Pure Music Group in Australia. The exceptional T+A DAC8 DSD is causing a sensation because of the amazing performance it offers at a very reasonable price. The Australian RRP is $4,600 which favourably compares to Europe and is much lower than USA.
Audionet Amplifiers:  Also now at Pure Music Group are the Audionet amplifiers that have been recognised as delivering sound quality that is equal to the best money can buy, but at prices that are up to half that of the competition. For instance we recently partnered the Audionet SAM G2 integrated amplifier costing $8,000 with Gauder Akustik Vescova Mk II speakers and were ranked in the top three best sounds at the Australian Audio & AV Show. 
ZYX Ultimate Series:  Pure Music Group has stocks of the new cartridges from ZYX. The Ultimate Series has new technologies being implemented for the first time and improved performance.
ASR Emitters Model Year 2016: New Emitters have been reworked with much improved sound. They are unbelievably fast, sound very powerful and very precise, have a very defined 3 D soundstage, a wealth of micro details, extreme control and power especially in low frequencies, combined with a relaxing and smooth sound. Check our ASR Buying Guide for details or call us. Remember if you are considering buying a used Emitter we can provide you with the exact build date and full history of every unit.
AFI FLAT Vinyl Disc Press Here Now:  Made in Germany the AFi FLAT is the latestest generation of record flattening machines. This high tech unit features a STANDARD program for one touch operation and EXPERT program if you want to individually control each parameter of operation.  In addition is features a RELAXATION program that automatically tempers the vinyl in a gradual heating and cooling process. ALL records benefit from this and you can hear the difference, not just warped records. The AFI FLAT is a "must have" tool for the serious "vinylisti".
Specials:  Nord Amplifiers are on Special - Check our Sale Items page for the latest bargains.
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AFI FLAT Vinyl Disc Press
RCM Sensor 2
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