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Serenity Signature Serenity Signature
 Argento Audio cables represent an absolute performance standard in high end audio signal transmission and brings you a lot closer to a live performance in your music room. Handcrafted in Denmark, every single element of the cable construction is custom designed and made to exacting specificati…

Flow Flow
Designing the best audio cable ever made using not a single off the shelf solution is a major undertaking that took Argento Audio more than three years of dedicated research and development to achieve the Flow line.   Flow   Flow Cable incorporates a considerable number of unique featu…

Flow Master Reference Flow Master Reference
Featuring all the breakthroughs of Flow and taking them another step further, the Flow Master Reference is the Argento Audio masterpiece.   Flow Master Reference   Flow Master Reference Cable is in many respects several times what Flow already is both in construction and performance. …

Organic Organic
Organic Audio is a new company founded by the people and the brains behind the world famous Argento cables. The purpose of creating this new offspring is to develop an original, state of the art line of more cost effective but still high performance cables costing approximately half that of the Arge…

Organic Reference Organic Reference
Organic Reference Series cables come from the people and the brains behind the world famous Argento cables. The Reference Series bridges the price gap betweer Organic and Serenity Series cables.   Organic Audio   Organic Cable provides a significant portion of the quality of their nobl…


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