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ME Geithain
ME Geithain
ME Geithain ME Geithain
Musikelectronic Geithain, MEG, has a heritage of providing monitor loudspeakers for professionals who demand only the best in accurate sound quality and totally reliable performance. The professional ‘s living depends on such performance and in order to guarantee this MEG…

ME 804K ME 804K
The 3-way concept of the ME 804K consists of two 8-inch long-stroke woofer systems, an 8-inch midrange system and a tweeter array with three vertically arranged 1-inch tweeter calottes. The directivity of the system has been optimised for listening distances of between 2.8 and …

RL 901K RL 901K
The Studio Monitor Speaker RL 901K is an active three-way monitor with cardioid characteristic within the frequency range from 30 Hz through 250 Hz. It can universally be applied as the main monitoring speaker for sound and video studios or for home stereo of cinema systems. By this radiating charac…

RL 930K RL 930K
The RL 930K has been designed for both the professional user with medium to large size audio, video and film studios and for the discerning home music enthusiast. The directivity index has been optimised to listening distances between 2.5 and 5 metres. Low and middle frequencies are reproduced by a …

Basis Subwoofers Basis Subwoofers
BASIS active subwoofers serve as the perfect complement for the lower octave of our active studio monitors and as central bass unit in stereo reproduction. Optionally, the BASIS model can also be integrated into surround loudspeaker systems with our multi-channel bass processor BCU7.1. The subwoofer…


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