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Selecting Speakers
What do we look for when selecting a loudspeaker? All loudspeakers reflect the philosophy of the designer and his choices will dictate how the speaker reproduces sound. There will be one or two key features that set his design apart from the others. There are two basic kinds of loudspeaker, active and passive.
What is an Active Loudspeaker?
Active loudspeakers incorporate an electronic frequency dividing network (or crossover) that divides the frequencies and distributes them to internal power amplifier modules, each of which is connected directly to a loudspeaker driver. There are no passive crossover components between the amplifier module and the loudspeaker driver. In a passive loudspeaker the amplifiers are external to the loudspeaker and the crossover network is situated between the amplifiers and the drivers.  

Advantages of active speakers.
  • Amplifiers are perfectly matched to the drivers.
  • Active crossovers have less loss than passive crossover components.
  • Short signal path between amplifier and drivers.
  • Drivers are protected from overload.
  • Less components means a simpler system.
  • Lower cost compared to a system comprised of separate component parts.
Active loudspeakers generally sound very fast and dynamic. We like them for this reason.
In recording studios around the world the question of active vs passive has been answered a long time ago. The use of active loudspeakers is almost universal because of their accuracy. 
What is a Passive Loudspeaker?

In the world of home HiFi passive systems are predominant because many audiophiles like to choose their own amplifier.  There is no doubt that one can achieve excellent results with passive loudspeakers if the HiFi components (and the loudspeakers in particular) are of the appropriate quality. In order to achieve the dynamic sound that one hears at a live performance and that recording engineers hear routinely in their studios one needs a particular kind of passive loudspeaker together with an excellent amplifier. The loudspeaker needs to be efficient so that it accelerates the air molecules quickly and it needs to have a very good crossover so as not to obstruct the sound, preferably a simple one with the minimum number of components.
Which to Choose?

This will depend on your preferences and your budget. Active loudspeakers offer the most cost effective solution and where accuracy and economy of purchase are at the top of the list then it is the logical choice. Puremusicgroup offers active speakers from Kii Audio, Martion Audiosysteme and ME-Geithan from Germany. These companies supply speakers for the professional recording industry as well as to the home HiFi market so you are guaranteed of getting a supremely accurate and reliable speaker system.

If you have a larger budget and wish to have the freedom to select your own amplifier then we offer passive speakers from Gauder Akustik, Odeon, and Rockport Technologies. These manufacturers build premium quality loudspeakers with the passion of a designer with a vision standing behind them. These passive loudspeakers will deliver amazing performance with the correct partnering equipment.

At the end of the day there are hundreds of loudspeaker companies to choose from and it can be very confusing. We say let your ears be the judge and your body the jury. You will know when you have found the right loudspeaker for you because it just sounds right to you. Nothing else really matters.


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