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About Us
The Live Music Experience
What makes Live Music different? Bass notes rumble our bones, the melody tingles our fingers, our bodies move to the rhythm, and voices transfix our thoughts. Live Music is intoxicating, passionate, inspiring and at the same time relaxing. It makes you feel truly ALIVE.
Have you ever been to a live performance and left wanting more? Did you buy the album and hear the difference between what you heard at the performance and what you hear at home? Were you disappointed that your HiFi system sounded dull, uninteresting and really, very little like the live performance did? The big difference you heard is in the dynamics and coherence, which are the essence of a live music experience, and simply missing from regular HiFi systems. It seems obvious, but music is not about the bass, mids and highs that traditionally people talk about. It is about the whole musical fabric, the dynamics, the coherence and the way it energizes the listening space. It is about ENERGY.
Even the most expensive, popular, "high tech" HiFi systems you may have seen advertised can fail to let you experience the sound of individual instruments that are separate from each other, in their own space. This separation allows the listener to direct their awareness to each performer, just like in a live performance. 
The Live Music Experience at Home
Reproducing a Live Music Experience at home is not an easy task. Anyone can piece together a HiFi system but at Pure Music Group our approach is remarkably different. We work together with you to develop your personalized Pure Music System that suits your needs and tastes. With 35 years experience in audio we have researched and tested hundreds of products. You benefit from this because we hand pick the products that we know deliver the goods and bring them to you at prices that are internationally competitive. You don't need to pay more because you live in Australia.
Our business is not big and is not choked with overheads, management structures or unnecessary marketing. We are a group of like-minded individuals continuing our Pure Music journey and we invite you to join us. When you hear systems that we have put together you will understand what we are talking about, you don't have to think about it, your body will tell you.
The Pure Music System
What elements distinguish a Pure Music System from ordinary audio systems?
  • Loudspeakers that are direct , fast and immediate. This contributes to a very LIVE experience.
  • Amplifiers need to be simple and have the minimum number of amplification stages to deliver maximum performance. This preserves the musical signal with the least amount of degradation.
  • Digital sources are a convenient format but need to be handled very intelligently if they are to deliver high quality sound. We prefer digital components that are closely related to what the mastering engineers use when creating the music we listen to. Computer based music servers delivering the data stream to a high quality DAC is where its at. If you have invested in the SACD format you can enjoy extremely high quality digital sound with a Playback Designs or EMM Labs SACD player that can also interface with your computer.
  • Analogue sources including the turntable, tonearm and phono cartridge are still regarded my many as representing the highest resolution and most musical reproduction system that outperforms most digital sources. We have a long history with analogue and a range of products second to none.

Starting your Pure Music Journey

All you have to do is contact one of our team to start the journey. We will be delighted to demonstrate a Pure Music System and show you how it is done. One of our customers described his journey as follows:

"My approach, in buying from you, was to think about the type of sound I was after, the type of sound you provided, and then it almost didn't matter which component I was after, I knew that it fitted into that philosophy. What you are really  saying is " this is the type of sound we offer, these are the components at these prices that will help you get it"  Michael, Caulfield




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