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Simplicity II
Simplicity II

THALES SIMPLICITY II - new reference tonearm
Thales philosophy is not only to build perfect analogue audio equipment, but also to achieve continuous improvement to set the reference-level in music reproduction. Therefore, we have been working for more than one year to bring our most popular tonearm to be our new reference tonearm.
1. Geometry
By building the two arms slightly longer, the tracking error is reduced to 0,006° while the max. offset angle is reduced to 19°.
2. Bearing
Many long nights of research passed by to create a new bearing technology which combines the advantages of the traditional ruby-bearing (damping properties, one point contact) with the benefits of the ball bearing (load resistant, solid). This TTF technology (Thales Tension Free) is a very clear musical improvement for all our tonearms and has - as a nice side effect - an integrated shock absorbing system for less sensitive handling and transport.
3. VTA
The VTA levelling and clamping mechanism has been improved with two specific mechanical components for sophisticated adjustment and improve the dynamics in sound.
4. Azimuth
The Azimuth can be adjusted accurately ±2° with an adjusting screw.
5. Cartridge alignment Sight unit
The sight unit has an updated reading device for more easy and accurate setting up of the cartridge.
6. Wiring
The internal wiring is guided through both arm-tubes, split for better channel separation. The tonearm has a ground-connection and we provide three different wiring options:
  • Integrated 5 Pin DIN connection
  • Pure wire outlet through the top or bottom for connection to a terminal block
  • Direct wiring which includes the phono cable and RCA or XLR plugs
´┐╝Mounting information:
  • Spindle to pivot distance 230mm
  • Effective length 229mm
  • Effective Mass 18 grams
  • Maximum tracking error 0.006 degrees (traditional 9" tonearm is 2.2 degrees)
  • Maximum offset angle 0-19 degrees (traditional 9" tonearm 23 degrees)
  • Cartridge weight 7g to 23g
  • Armboard cutout hole 27mm
  • Mounting bolts 3 x M3
  • Pitch circle diameter 40mm
  • Height range from armboard to platter (VTA range) min 12mm max 32mm
  • SME compatible arm mount available to fit Simplicity to SME cutout.
  • Colours available Bronze, Grey, Black
If you would like a pdf file of the mounting drawing please contact us.
Reviews: High Fidelity magazine click here. Sound Rebels click here.
Auditions: Simplicity is available for audition at our Melbourne studio.





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