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ASR Overview
ASR Overview

ASR Emitter series amplifiers certainly are the smart choice for the intelligent audiophile. Made in Germany, your money buys first class engineering, components and sound quality in a package that exemplifies form follows function. ASR Emitter amplifiers are not the same as regular integrated or pre-power amplifier combinations. The differences make for superior performance, functionality and value for money. ASR sound is neutral, clean and dynamic, combining the emotion of tubes with the power and precision of solid state.
  • ASR Emitters are Multi-Input Power Amplifiers with remote volume control. There is no preamplifier stage so your source component is connected directly to the power amplifier and volume is controlled within the power amp. This avoids the interfacing headaches you get with separate active preamplifiers, or passive volume controls.
  • The Control Unit contains the amplifier section, volume control and input switching in a non-magnetic acrylic case. Volume is controlled in 1dB steps and has a display easily seen from the listening position and which goes to sleep after 30 seconds.
  • The Power Supply section is in a separate case to keep all electro-magnetic interference away from the sensitive parts handling the audio signal. ASR uses Philbert-Mandelschnitt split core transformers that provide superior sound quality and noise rejection to Toroidal transformers.
  • Battery Power Supplies are available as an option to power the input stage. This results in extremely low noise floors and very natural, transparent and organic sound.
  • Power Output is more than enough for all practical uses. Emitter I has 2 x 140 watts @ 8 ohms and Emitter II has 2 x 250 watts @ 8 ohms.  
  • Home Cinema Integration is provided without the sonic degradation of Bypass switching. Since the amplifier is set at unity gain at volume level number 51 all you need do is select that level and use your Processor to control the volume. Problem solved.
  • Energy Management is standard with all Emitters. There are standby, half power and full power modes. These can be set to engage automatically or manually so that your Emitter is always ready for use and minimizes power consumption.
  • Value for Money is unsurpassed in high-end terms. Emitter I starts at $8,950 and Emitter II at $12,950. These are the same as the European prices so Australian buyers pay no more than in Europe. Reviewers word-wide have acclaimed ASR as the best buy in high end audio. You can pay double this price from other manufacturers and receive less sound quality.
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