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ASR Emitter I
ASR Emitter I

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ASR Emitter I series amplifiers are available in 4 versions.

Emitter I:

  • Two channel amplifier with acrylic casing, input selector and volume control.
  • Class A/B technology with 12 Toshiba special audio MOSFETs with high impulse capability.
  • Mounting bars for the output transistors made from solid brass for low resonance.  
  • Volume control with relay attenuator in 1dB-steps with balance and input level adjustment. 
  • 25mm LED display available in yellow or blue as the operational indicator, adjustable in many ways. 
  • 6 x RCA line level inputs, relay switched, plus 1 direct input and 1 record output. 
  • Gold plated laboratory grade solid brass RCA sockets with Teflon insulation.
  • Solid core silver wire for all signal carrying cables.
  • Large 60 ampere binding posts for cable spades and 4 mm banana plugs. 
  • 1 plug in slot for Phono preamplifier circuit board or balanced XLR input circuit board. 
  • Protection circuits to guard against Overload, Clipping, Short-Circuit, Overheating and DC Offset. 
  • Circuit board with extra thick copper traces for the two channels in mirror image symmetrical layout. 
  • External Power Supply module with 3 x PM transformers for Left Channel, Right Channel and Energy Management.
  • Buffering capacitors with a total of 406,440uF.
  • Separate rectification for each of the 8 voltages with 32 Schottky rectifiers. 
  • Especially stable power supply with a case of high-quality, very strong steel sheet. 
  • Low loss Neozed high load fuse built in the Power Supply module. 
  • Stable industrial grade Harting power connector for connection to the Control Amplifier module. 
  • Double shielded connection cable to the Control Amplifier module 2m long, other lengths available. 
  • Power cable ASR Magic cord 1.5m long with low loss 21A power connector at the Power Supply. 
  • High quality ASR designed remote control made from Corian controls all functions 
Emitter I Options
  • Balanced XLR input with Switchcraft sockets.
  • Variable Pre-out for Subwoofer or Bi-Amping.
  • Elko board with 606,440uF and 63 Volt Elkos.
  • Elko board with 606,440uF and HV 80 Volt Elkos.
  • 4 x Solid Metal Feet.
Emitter I Clear Blue:
  • Transparent acrylic casework.
  • Blue LED display.
  • Buffering capacitors with a total of 486,440uF.
  • 5 x RCA, 1 x Balanced XLR input.
  • 4 x Solid Metal Feet.
Emitter I Exclusive:
  • Buffering capacitors with total 606,440uF and HV 80 Volt Elkos.
  • Balanced XLR input for CD with switchable input impedance. 
  • Feet made from of solid brass for the Control Amplifier module available in chrome or gold. 
  • Power supply with improved equipment for higher performance.
  • The 3 x PM Transformers are equipped with higher magnetic flux core steel.
  • Rectification with 56 Schottky rectifiers.
Emitter I Exclusive BPS:
  • External Battery Power Supply module to power input stage. This is in addition to the Main Power Supply module that powers the output stage.
  • Buffering capacitors with a total of 1,034,440uF
  • 5 x RCA, 1 x Balanced XLR input.

Specifications for all Emitter I Series: 

  • Frequency range: 1 to 100,000 Hz with+/-1dB,  20-20,000 Hz +/-0.2dB 
  • Signal to noise ratio at the line input: > 88 dB
  • Rise time: <1 ms 
  • Distortion: maximum 0.01 %
  • Damping factor: >600 
  • Power consumption in Standby: 0.6VA, Energy Mode 50 VA, Full Power Mode120 VA 
Emitter I Comparison
Model Version Schottky Transformer Watts 8 Ohm Watts 4 Ohm Watts 2 Ohm
Emitter I   32 pcs 2 x 500 VA 2 x 140 2 x 250 2 x 450
Emitter I Exclusive 56 pcs 2 x 700 VA 2 x 160 2 x 290 2 x 520
Emitter I Excl Batt 56 pcs 2 x 700 VA 2 x 160 2 x 290 2 x 520
Buffering Capacity   Input 16V Driver 80V Output 63V Control 12V Total
 Emitter I    85,680 uF  41,880 uF  201,200 uF  77,680 uF  406,440 uF
 Emitter I  Exclusive  85,680 uF  41,880 uF  401,200 uF  77,680 uF  606,440 uF
 Emitter I  Excl Batt  513,680 uF  41,880 uF  401,200 uF  77,680 uF  1,003,440 uF
Dimension and weight: width x depth x height (depth at the Power Supply with Plug in brackets): 
  • Emitter I  : Control Amplifier 42 x 42 x 18 cm, 19 kg,  Power Supply 46 x 32(42) x 16cm, 31 kg 
  • Exclusive: Control Amplifier 42 x 42 x 18 cm, 22 kg,  Power Supply 46 x 32(42) x 16 cm, 32 kg
Options: There are many options available for Emitter Series amplifiers. Call us for details.
Reviews: Soundstage on Emitter I, Positive Feedback on Emitter I Exclusive, Dagogo on Emitter I Exclusive.
Auditions: Emitter I is available for audition at our Melbourne studio.

Pricing: ASR products qualify for Parity Pricing. This means you pay the same price as in Europe inclusive of GST and local warranty.

Price below is for the ASR Emitter I without options. Call us for pricing for other versions and options.
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