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ASR Emitter II
ASR Emitter II

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ASR Emitter II series amplifiers are available in 3 versions.

Emitter II:

  • Two channel amplifier with acrylic casing, input selector and volume control.
  • Class A/B technology with 20 Toshiba special audio MOSFETs with high impulse capacity.
  • Mounting bars for the output transistors made from solid brass for low resonance.  
  • Volume control with relay attenuator in 1dB-steps with balance and input level adjustment. 
  • 25mm LED display available in yellow or blue as the operational indicator, adjustable in many ways. 
  • 6 x RCA line level inputs, relay switched, plus 1 direct input and 1 record output. 
  • Gold plated laboratory grade solid brass RCA sockets with Teflon insulation.
  • Solid silver wire for all signal carrying cables.
  • Large 100 ampere binding posts for cable spades and 4 mm banana plugs. 
  • 1 plug in slot for Phono preamplifier circuit board or balanced XLR input circuit board. 
  • Protection circuits to guard against Overload, Clipping, Short-Circuit, Overheating and DC Offset. 
  • Circuit board with extra thick copper traces for the two channels in mirror image symmetrical layout. 
  • 2 x External Power Supply modules with 3 x PM transformers for Left Channel, Right Channel and Energy Management.
  • Buffering capacitors with a total of 757,520uF.
  • Separate rectification for each of the 8 voltages with 64 Schottky rectifiers. 
  • Especially stable power supply with a case of high-quality, very strong steel sheet. 
  • Low loss Neozed high load fuse built in the Power Supply module. 
  • Stable industrial grade power connector from Harting for connection to the Control Amplifier module. 
  • Double shielded connection cable to the Control Amplifier module 2m long, on request other lengths available. 
  • Power cable ASR Magic cord 1.5m long with low loss 21A power connector at the Power Supply. 
  • High quality ASR designed remote control made from Corian controls all functions.

Emitter II Options: 

  • Balanced XLR input with Switchcraft sockets.
  • Variable Pre-out for Subwoofer or Bi-Amping.
  • Elko board with 957,520uF and 80 Volt Elkos.
  • Elko Board with 957,520uF and HV 100 Volt Elkos.
  • 1 x Solid Metal Feet.

Emitter II Exclusive:

  • Buffering capacitors with total 957,520uF and 100 Volt Elkos
  • Sub out with volume controlled full range signal. 
  • Balanced XLR input for CD with switchable input impedance. 
  • Feet made from of solid brass for the Control Amplifier module available in chrome or gold. 
  • Power supply with improved equipment for higher performance.
  • The 3 x PM Transformers are equipped with higher magnetic flux core steel.
  • Rectification with 56 Schottky rectifiers.

Emitter II Exclusive BPS:

  • External Battery Power Supply module to power input stage. This is in addition to the Main Power Supply modules that power the output stage.
  • Buffering capacitors with total 1,385,520uF.
  • 5 x RCA, 1 x Balanced XLR input. 

Specifications for all Emitter II Series: 

  • Frequency range: 1 to 100.000 Hz with+/-1dB,  20-20.000 Hz +/-0.2dB 
  • Signal to noise ratio at the line input: > 86 dB
  • Rise time: <0.8 ms 
  • Distortion: maximum 0.01 %
  • Damping factor: >1000 
  • Power consumption in Standby: 0.6VA, Energy Mode 90 VA, Full Power Mode 200 VA 


Emitter II Comparison
Model Version Schottky Transformer Watts 8 Ohm Watts 4 Ohm Watts 2 Ohm
Emitter II   64 pcs 4 x 500 VA 2 x 250 2 x 450 2 x 800
Emitter II Exclusive 112 pcs 4 x 700 VA 2 x 280 2 x 490 2 x 900
Emitter II Excl Batt 112 pcs 4 x 700 VA 2 x 280 2 x 490 2 x 900
Buffering Capacity   Input 16V Driver 80V Output 63V Control 12V Total
 Emitter II    151,680 uF  58,280 uF  403,880 uF  143,680 uF  757,520 uF
 Emitter II  Exclusive  151,680 uF  58,280 uF  603,880 uF  143,680 uF  957,520 uF
 Emitter II  Excl Batt  579,680 uF  58,280 uF  603,880 uF  143,680 uF  1,385,520 uF
Dimension and weight: width x depth x height (depth at the Power Supply with Plug in brackets): 
  • Emitter II  : Control Amplifier 57 x 47 x 23 cm, 44 kg,  2 x Power Supply 46 x 32(42) x 16cm, 31 kg 
  • Exclusive: Control Amplifier 57 x 47 x 23 cm, 47 kg,  2 x Power Supply 46 x 32(42) x 16 cm, 32 kg
  • Shipping : Control Amplifier 78 x 60 x 49 cm, 57.5 kg, 2 x Power Supply 61 x 53 x 38, 37.5 kg
Options: There are many options available for Emitter Series amplifiers. Call us for details.
Reviews: Stereophile and Audiophile and Positive Feedback on Emitter II Exclusive.

Pricing: ASR products qualify for Parity Pricing. This means you pay the same price as in Europe inclusive of GST and local warranty.

Price below is for the ASR Emitter II without options. Call us for pricing for other versions and options.
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