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ASR Mini Basis
ASR Mini Basis

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ASR Mini Basis Mk III Phono Pre-amplifiers are available in 2 versions.

Mk III incorporates a new larger PCB and a larger case than Mk II.

Mini Basis Mk III:

  • Two channel phono pre-amplifier with smoke acrylic casing.
  • Highly efficient, shielded 72 VA PM (Philbert Mantelschnitt) transformer.
  • High quality magnetic sheet metal with low magnetic field for excellent dynamics.
  • Ultra fast Schottky rectifier, buffer 200,000uF with Philips Elkos.
  • Very fast and extremely low noise IC's made by Analog Devices.
  • Input impedance switchable 22, 47, 100, 221, 475 Ohms, 1, 2.2, 9, 15, 47 k Ohms.
  • Gain adjustable with 6 step dip switches between +30dB and +70dB.
  • Blue illuminated EU power switch.

The large power supply of the Mini Basis results in a very dynamic sound with powerful and controlled bass. The soundstage is very precise with good three dimensionality and fine resolution of details.

Mini Basis Mk III Exclusive:

  • as above but with higher specification Analog Devices AD843SQ IC's.
  • ASR Magic Cord power cable included.

Mini Basis Mk III Exclusive HV:

  • Includes 40 Volt Elkos and 2cm larger case.

Dimension and weight: width x depth x height 

  • Mini Basis  : Phono Pre-amplifier 268 x 350 x 110 mm, Approx 5kg.

Options: Engraved lettering in Silver or Gold.

Pricing: ASR products qualify for Parity Pricing. This means you pay the same price as in Europe inclusive of GST and local warranty.

Price below is for the ASR Mini Basis without options. Call us for pricing for other versions and options.  

Manufacturers Website.

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