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Meitner and EMM Labs reviews and awards:


1. EMM Labs PRE2 won The Absolute Sound’s 2013 Golden Ear Award:


"...Ed Meitner's new design, which has a degree of silence and transparency that is amazing in any preamp, much less one this compact. The Pre2-SE reveals the entire recording without coloration or emphasis, and makes any cliches about tube vs. solid-state pointless. Not a trace of edge or softening, superb dynamics, a true reference quality product.",Anthony H. Cordesman, Issue #235 September 2013.


Anthony uses the PRE2 as his reference pre-amp together with his XDS1 V2.


2. Bascom King gave the Meitner MA-1 a great review in The Audiophile Voice:


“In conclusion, I am most impressed with the MA-1. While it is not as expensive as some of the priciest DACs out there, the Meitner MA-1 can easily give some of the most-expensive and highly-touted models a goodrun for the money. I heartily recommend giving this one a very close audition.”, Bascom King


After this review Bascom King purchased the EMM Labs, DAC2X!


3. Jules Coleman has posted a fantastic review of the Meitner MA-2 on Enjoy the Music:




“It (Meitner MA-2) doesn't do this by calling attention to its transparency or resolution, to its speed or its neutrality. It does this by presenting all of the significant musical values – tone, timbre, dynamic consistency, coherence in a fully resolved, integrated whole. It represents a masterful achievement in digital sources, bringing the very best of what EMM Labs (Meitner Audio) has to offer to the music loving audiophile at a price point many are willing to pay.”, Jules Coleman


4. Publisher and editor of the Soundstage! Doug Schneider compared the Meitner MA-1 to the EMM Labs DAC2X:




“But after about a week of listening to the DAC2X, any thoughts of wanting or needing a new turntable vanished because it provided the kind of full, rich, and easy-on-the-ears sound I wanted from analog, plus there was resolution that no analog-based system I've heard has matched. As a result, I now have no inclination whatsoever to pull out records again, let alone get a new turntable. Now that shocked me.” , Doug Schneider


Doug also uses a PRE2 as reference during this product comparison. 
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