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ZYX Ultimate Series
ZYX Ultimate Series

ZYX Ultimate Series comprises the following cartridges:
  • Ultimate Dynamic
  • Ultimate Diamond
  • Ultimate Omega
  • Ultimate 4D
  • Ultimate Airy
  • Ultimate 100
Cartridge Specifications: ZYX cartridge specifications.
Cartridge Selection: Please read our page on Selecting Cartridges for information about tonearm compatibility and set-up.
Shipping: Please note that Pure Music Group does not ship to destinations outside Australia and New Zealand unless there is no representation in the country concerned. Contact us for information regarding the product in question.
Demo Stock: We frequently have demo cartridges available at special prices. Call us for a listing of current demo cartridges.
Cartridge Prices and Upgrade Program:
  • We can trade in your used cartridge when you upgrade to a new cartridge from our range. 
  • Prices are not shown on our website because they are costantly changing with the rate of exchange. 
  • We are competitive with Worldwide ZYX prices so please call us for a quotation.
 eBay cartridgesSome cartridges being sold on eBay, in particular those from Hong Kong, have fake serial numbers. This is an attempt to conceal the real identity of the cartridges. ZYX Corporation of Japan will not service or repair cartridges that have been tampered with. Please think very carefully about purchasing from unauthorised sources as you will have no backup if anything goes wrong. The joy of having purchased a cartridge cheaply will be short lived if you cannot get it fixed. For more info please click here.



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